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Buddhist Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi / photo by Renata Blonska
Sunrise in St Helens / phoyo by Renata Blonska

When visiting Australia majority of overseas tourists visit Great Barrier Reef, Uluru, Sydney, Kakadu or Great Ocean Road but what about Tasmania …? An Island in the size of Ireland, also known as ‘Apple Isle’, for overseas visitors, mostly famous for being the only place where a Tasmanian devil is visible in the wild, has so much to offer.  More than 3000 kms of coastline, the clearest air in the world, lakes, incredible Cradle Mountain and deliciously fresh food. In fact, Tasmania is the only destination in Australia to make Lonely Planet Top Ten places to visit in 2015.  So go Tasmania! Photographs and words by Renata Blonska    

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Kathmandu Durbar Square - photo by Renata Blonska
Phewa Lake - photo by Renata Blonska

Here are a few shots from Phewa Tal – the most touristy township in Nepal I’ve visited. It was a very early morning at the lake where locals prepare their boats for daily run on the lake. On clear, calm days, the mountains, including Mt. Everest, are spectacularly reflected in the lake’s mirror surface. However to see it you need to visit this place in October – November. Photographs and words by Renata Blonska

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photo by Renata Blonska - 2034OM
photo by Renata Blonska

Autumn – the Grande Finale of each summer. Fall is the time I just fall into – my favourite season of the year. The time when most of globe enters into Spring season, here in Australia,  we are saying goodbye to Summer, and what a spectacular farewell it is…  Here are a few shots of this year Fall season in Southern Highlands, NSW Australia. Words and photographs by Renata Blonska 

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photo by Renata Blonska
photo by Renata Blonska
photo by Renata Blonska
Photo by Renata Blonska - HKG7006
photo by Renata Blonska - 2005HV

Only two hours north of Sydney, Hunter is a perfect place for a weekend trip or even one day trip. With more than 120 wineries this is the place to be if you would like a glass of good wine and a few cases to take home.   But it is not only the wine; there are many award winning restaurants, beautiful gardens and of course stunning wineries and estates offering wine and accommodation. This is the place not to be missed if you are planning a visit to Sydney. In the meantime, please enjoy my photographs. Words and photographs by Renata Blonska 

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Imagine over 100 beaches in one city, imagine some of them being finest and most famous beaches in the world, imagine sunny weather during most of the year, friendly people, bays, valleys, hills, rock pools …  and here you go – this is Sydney. The city that stole my heart years ago and has never let it go since.

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